What is OBN ?

Professional business development company

Oulu Business Networks (OBN) is a Finnish consulting firm based in Oulu that specializes in business development. We have own experts in Oulu, Rovaniemi and Tampere area. We develop businesses in numerous ways and assist those interested in entrepreneurship with the development of business, product, and service ideas. Our operations are best described through close customer cooperation as well as adaptive networking among different operators in order to get the best outcome for our clients. Our customers represent various industries and vary from traditional industries to new technology fields. We serve both small and large companies with consistent high quality and a good attitude. Many public business development organizations also use our services. Our customers believe that we are a fair partner whose actions can be trusted, now and in the future.

OBN - liikkeenjohdon konsultointi

Proven services in different business consulting fields

Our services are divided into different areas that support each other in the different stages of business development. Although we utilize a variety of tools and methods, we always tailor each consulting project to match the needs of our customers. In order to provide the best outcome for our customers, we combine the expertise of our consultants and have multiple consultants working on one project, if necessary.

OBN professionals – combination of top quality and good attitude

Our consultants have extensive experience in the field of business development. Altogether we have more than 50 years of experience in consulting businesses and producing business services. However, we have not been consultants for our entire careers, but have acquired over 50 years worth of practical experience in the fields of business management, internationalization, business development, and marketing and sales. It is essential for us to execute the kind of consulting, systems, studies and plans for our customers that can be properly utilized in business, even when implemented by our customers.

Some examples of our consulting projects:

CaddieON is a new comprehensive solution for the needs of a golf enthusiast. Before, there have been various products and services in the market, but they have failed to meet golfers’ needs. CaddieON utilizes the latest technology, such as cloud services, GPS, accelerometers and RFID. “Mikko Pesonen supported us when we were outlining our idea in the very early stage. We had identified the problem and we had a preliminary technical solution. We considered everything from the customer’s point of view, what golfers really want so that their hobby is even more exciting and fun. Then we outlined our commercialization options; partners, business logic and strategy and the overall concept began to gain ground. Mikko helped us make our business plan more firm”, explains the CEO, Tuomo Lalli.

CaddieON is an Oulu-based technology company founded in 2012. CaddieON founders have many years of experience working for Nokia and a first-class ability to combine the latest technology and customer needs and product usage situations. 

For Yritystakomo’s clients we have implemented many new idea evaluation- and commercialization projects. In addition, we have held many consultation events about such topics as commercialization and the use of customer, market and competitor information in business planning. ”Yritystakomo has been a very pleasant partner. Because I make many projects concerning the commercialization of new business ideas, I find Yritystakomo enjoyable,” says Mikko Pesonen from OBN. “Cooperation went really well and I am sure that it will in the future, too. We exchange ideas and also pass new information about companies’ different development opportunities and funding,” describes Kari Kivistö.

Yritystakomo was founded in 2010 and its aim is to create new successful companies in Oulu region. Yritystakomo offers innovative business premises experts in different fields interested in start-up businesses. Yritystakomo operates on a voluntary basis and all those who want to develop their idea into a successful business are allowed to join. The work is funded with Business Oulu project funding, involving the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Council of Oulu Region, as well as EU funds.

Our customer was planning to found an occupational health care business into a medium-sized Finnish city, where already were competitors, such as one large nation-wide operator and two smaller local companies. As part of the business planning, we conducted a market research among potential users. ” In addition to the market research, we carried out a market- and competitor analysis, determined the company’s service offering, and developed the company’s business logic, including, for example, partnerships. Occupational health care is a comprehensive package, which includes health care services prescribed by law for employees, but also a large number of voluntary areas including prevention and staff development. The challenge was to develop a compact package that is not too large and complex related to the size of the market and customer needs, but we were able to do it successfully, “ says Mikko Pesonen about the extensive development project.

For confidential reasons we cannot reveal the name of our customer, but its representatives have an extensive experience in both private and public health care.

We carried out a market research for our customer, the aim of which was to examine both private and public oral health care operator’s view on the new service concept. The study sample consisted of 900 people, which were divided into the following categories: dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental health developers, health care leaders, such as health centers’ leading doctors. The study was conducted with an electronic survey system and the research form was automatically tailored based on previous answers. “ The study gave us a good picture of the market, and gave us an idea of potential customers’ perception of the new service concept. Our respondents were all from different regions in Finland, and that is why we can plan and tailor our future actions in a way that will work in all of the regions. The study also serves as an excellent marketing tool; our potential customers are already familiar with the new concept when we contact them later on,” explains Mikko Pesonen.

For confidential reasons, we cannot reveal the client, but the company employs several hundred people and operates over a wide area in Finland. The organization is recognized in its field and is a knowledgeable operator.

Silcom is one of the leading suppliers in its field in Finland. In the past, only individual shipments were imported to Finland and the nearest extensive range selections were found in England, USA, Germany and Netherlands. The company’s marketing plan was created with ELY-centers Myyntiteho consulting product. “We faced a difficult challenge when we launched new company’s products that were not yet well-known in Finland, and when we chose e-commerce as our delivery platform, marketing tactic had to be designed extremely carefully. We had to delve into business logic, logistics, and corporate branding. We received high-quality consulting and even tips concerning various marketing communication issues, as he has experience from an advertising agency as well,” says the entrepreneur Petri Park.

Silcom Oy is based in Tornio and it imports clay, plasticine, rubber molds and resin for many uses and needs. It is one of the leading companies in its industry and its customers include a number of companies from different business sectors.

We have carried out customer surveys for JMC Engine for more than 10 years. The target group included customers in Finland and abroad, most significantly different departments in ABB, Wärtsilä and L’Orange. Studies have been conducted with the QuestBack electronic research system, both in Finnish and in English. “ We have used the results in our development activities, such as communication with our customers regarding quality management, product development and complaints management,” states the CEO, Henri Säkkinen.

JMC Engine Oy is a major industrial contract-manufacturing partner that offers advanced machining and assembly systems services located in Siikajoki, Ruukki and in Vaasa. www.jmcengine.fi

Envimetria wanted to commercialize their knowledge and make it more extensive. Customers said that they need an environmental expert, but that their need did not allow them to hire a full-time employee. The target of the project was to commercialize ENVI- environmental manager-service, which fulfills the overall needs of customers. ”With the help of Mikko Pesonen, we completed the service concept development, which we used as the basis for our service manual. Market research was carried out to act as a basis for the work. In the research, dozens of potential customers told us about their needs and desires for the service content. We were able to utilize the research results in other business activities as well,” states the Executive Vice President, Elisa Rauta. “ A situation similar to Envimetria’s is typical in many other industries and business activities, too. Companies need extensive know-how, but companies cannot or do not want take care of their things without the help of an outsider. The traditional service method differs from the one mentioned above with long-term commitment and comprehensive service. This kind of solutions will increase in different industries in the coming years”, sums Mikko Pesonen.

Envimetria Oy is an environmental measurement company based in Lohja and Kuopio. The company’s customers are mainly industrial companies and public organizations. The company’s operations have grown in recent years, due to the quality of their activities and the increase in environmental significance in the actions of customer companies and organizations. www.envimetria.fi

We developed an entirely new Tekes-funded service called Clean Management for Meranti. Cleaning service business has traditionally been seen as a “low tech” field, but property owner’s requirements have increased significantly in recent years. “We want to be at the frontline of development and offer our customers some new professional services that help real estates sustain their value. We have also introduced some of the latest technology solutions, such as automatic monitoring for work processes using wireless and RFID-technology,“ states Antti Pietilä, the entrepreneur.

Meranti Siivouspalvelut Ky is Oulu-based professional cleaning company employing 85 people. The company is known as a pioneer in the field, and it has received many awards for its development work. www.meranti.fi